Teach your engine to breathe right too.

Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning

After all that, WHAT the hell are we talking about ??? 

Well, last year I got stuck at the TA travel center in northern, Az.


Ya, road closed.

That’s not bad except for one little thing. The AIR was heavy that night because of the storm and 150 trucks sat there idling all night. Guess what my truck smelled like in the morning.


But that didn’t bother me as much as the personal problem I had -> breathing<-. I asked myself -“self” if I have a hard time breathing what the hell is my $150,000 truck breathing and that’s when I started to look at

Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning

DPF is an acronym for Diesel Particulate Filter. The DPF works in conjunction with the oxidation catalyst and EGR valve to remove a majority of the NOx, particulate matter (thick black, cough-inducing soot) and unburned hydrocarbons from burned diesel fuel. Soot is a natural byproduct from the combustion of diesel fuel. Inside the DPF is a porous honeycomb structure that catches the soot as it passes through. As the soot builds up over time, the onboard computer controls fuel injection to allow unburned fuel to enter the filter at measured intervals where it flares off and generates increased temperatures that incinerate the accumulated soot. The result: Soot is reduced by over 90-percent.

What did I do then?

Tune in later to find out.