Helping drivers stay Healthy


Welcome to our wellness Blog where nutrition and games meet.

Our Blogs are made up to have fun and display healthy informational tips.

We also will play some GAMES to activate everyone.

 Can you find the clue in the above picture?


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Here's what we do as a company

Working with truck companies and their drivers in a fun and active way.

Create a "FUN" program

Truck drivers like to have fun

They also like to see if we can help them stay 

Happy, Healthy and Wise.

Here comes the Leprechaun, and he has some programs for you on wellness and nutritional health 

Getting the correct information about drivers health is very important to us and our industry.

Survey our industry

Our tour locations can conduct surveys to get creditable information on our drivers health.

We also work with many of the top Non-Profit Health & Wellness companies in the United States.

Getting out informational program out to truck companies and our industry through our 40 tour locations.

Inform our industry

With over 25 years of experience we bring our programs to the transportation industry through out truck show and travel center tour locations.

Our company has displayed programs on health, wellness and nutrition for over 25 years. Our audience is well over

 30 million viewers.