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At the Mid America Truck show last year we used a unique marketing tool, an 18 wheel over the road semi-truck that has been neglected for over 15 years of it’s 20 year life. We found and proved last year that a  “SHOW & TELL “  story can bring out an encouraging health message to our over the road drivers. We stated that no matter what your current health issues might be, they can be correctly addressed with the right support program. And now this year we bring out that truck for all to see and share with it’s new life on the road through our 2016

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We have been a leader in the transportation industry for over 18 years and we use our,  OUT OF THE BOX   type of  thinking to keep us number one among over the road drivers. Our programs have averaged over 3,000 drivers a day and all these drivers respond to our corporate health flyer that we e-mail out monthly. They want and enjoy getting current and correct health informational programs from a reliable source.   This year we have a few more new and very exciting programs to tell you about.


First,  you can now get to any driver on the road effectively with our,

                                                                                     PREVENTION MAGAZINE PROGRAM

    Prevention Magazine is one of the leading publications in the world of health and wellness. This year with our new drivers health awareness program we now have exclusive rights to the transportation industry and  have the availability to have this publication sent to any over the road drivers home for them to see what your current company HEALTH message is. We do this by putting a display band right into the front part of the drivers magazine’s plastic cover. It has YOUR name, number, and web page right there in front for all to see. You can even get a few extra magazines to have your drivers hand them out to the people they meet at the truck stops, or their next loading dock.

Second, we will now offer a program that all companies can use to advertise their health program directly to our monthly over the road driver’s mail list program. For the last fifteen years we have gathered over 780,000 names and addresses and these drivers and companies use our health information on a monthly program. This e-mail publication is integrated with all of our other health programs, so the companies and the drivers get current information through our over the road health tour, our interactive web site and our social media outlets.

Third, we now FILM a complete health work out program for your drivers to view at your location on our health CD program. The program uses your company location, and

We use YOUR drivers, YOUR trucks, YOUR trailers.

This, with all of our other social media outlets we will get your company name in front of thousands of drivers a day.

Forth,  we will now offer our 32 foot motor home that we use at all our locations for an advertising company mural. This motor home travels 12 to 15,000 miles a year and it follows our 53’  health trailer to all our  program stops. The trailer has been seen by over 30 million people. We will design this motor home side panels and incorporates company icons where the drivers looks for a free company gift hidden inside the mural, just like we did on our 53″ trailer. Average time looking for gift icons was twenty minutes. Average driver turn out can be over 3,000 drivers per day. See a copy of the mural here.

All of these program have a win / win for driver and our company sponsor. With this program the drivers come to see us for the free gift icon they found on the truck, then they get your company information to take with them, we now have their Name, Phone and e-mail address.

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